Breast Implant Profiles

Know the Different Profiles of Breast Implants

Once you’ve decided to improve your appearance with a breast augmentation procedure, you might be surprised to discover how many different types of breast implants there are. It’s not just cup size that needs to be determined before you have your procedure. There are many more decisions about the shape, materials, and type of incision that need to be discussed before you can go ahead with your enhancement. Women have never hand more choices for improving their bust line, and doctors have never had more to offer their patients.

Your doctor and the staff here at the Sydney Breast Clinic will guide you through the process of choosing an enhancement that’s right for you. Many patients don’t understand what the term profile means. The profile refers to how far the implant projects out from the body. Women’s breasts vary a great deal in their size, shape, and projection, and so do implants. In general, there are three profiles to choose from: Low, Moderate, and High. Let’s look at each in turn.

Low Profile Implants

These offer little projection from the body, and have a wider base. If your torso is naturally wide, small breasts with a lot of projection will look lost on your chest. The most subtle, natural-looking effects are achieved using low profile implants.

Moderate Profile Implants

These are the most common form of breast implant. If you have an average build, these profiles will suit both your width and the amount of projection you desire, while keeping both in balance.

High Profile Implants

These breast implants in Sydney offer the largest possible projection from the body. If you have a petite build, you can achieve voluptuous breasts with only a narrow base to work with. With a narrow base, high profile implants allow doctors more leeway for placement on the chest.

Choosing the Correct Profile for You

There are three factors that need to be considered when choosing your breast augmentation profile.

  • Your Height and Build – Our doctors will help you choose a profile that’s right for your height and build. It’s important to have the right amount of width for both your chest and the look you’re trying to achieve
  • The Desired Results – If you’re looking for a super-shapely look with a lot of projection, you’ll want a different implant than if you want a more sedate, subtle look. Your doctor can achieve either generous cleavage or larger side breast looks using different profiles
  • The Type of Implant – There are differences in the final appearance between saline and silicone implants, so the material must be factored into your profile decision